Glass Bottles And Jars

There’s simply no substitute for the quality and visual appearance of glass bottles and jars for product packaging. Plastics are convenient and cheap, however glass is often necessary to maintain quality standards and remind customers that your product is a cut above the rest. As you explore your options for glass bottles and jars, keep Feldman Industries in mind for your bulk packaging order. Our packaging experts handcraft every order to your specific needs, so you never have to settle for a product that is ordinary.

3 Custom Beverage Bottles We Manufacture at Feldman Industries

1. Skip the plastic juice bottles that are prominent on store shelves and choose glass bottles to make your product a standout among its peers. Nothing shouts ‘quality’ to shoppers like a premium drink packaged in beautiful glass bottles and jars. Here at Feldman Industries, we have a vast selection of glass wholesale drink containers available, including drink bottles to package your company’s water, juices, beer, soda, or beverage of any kind.

If you’re currently overpaying for wholesale beverage bottles and are thinking about switching to plastic in order to save money, take a moment to reach out to a product expert from Feldman Industries to price our glass bottles.

2. While more and more wine and liquor distributors are making the switch to plastic containers, customers know that their alcoholic beverages will stay fresher longer in glass. Before you jump on the bandwagon, consider the fact that when asked, the vast majority of alcohol consumers report an overwhelming preference for glass.

Cutting costs may not lead to the kind of results you have in mind; in fact, it could ultimately mean fewer sales each quarter. Purchase your glass wine and alcohol bottles form Feldman Industries and save money while giving your customers what they really want.

3. Medicinal and natural liquid products require protection from the sun’s UV rays; our tinted packer bottles and tincture bottles keep your products safeguarded from the elements. Pair with a protective cap or dropper and you can be assured that your product will reach customers in excellent condition- and will stay fresh for longer than when packaged in a clear glass container.

Whatever your needs, know for certain, a Feldman Industry specialist can help you locate the right glass bottles and jars for all of your products. We’re here to help in any way when you contact us at 203-458-6005.

Glass Bottles and Jars, Plastics, and More

We’re more than a glass container manufacturer; choose us as a reliable supplier of PET beverage containers, jars, metal and plastic closures, hand sanitizer dispensers, pails, drums, and medicinal product containers- all at wholesale prices you’re sure to appreciate. Don’t let rising prices force your hand- you can still provide a quality product in an attractive bottle or jar by selecting us as your supplier. If you have questions, need pricing, or are interested in a custom-manufactured container, reach out to Feldman Industries to speak with our packaging experts.

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Glass Bottles And Jars

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